A Grammar Guide for Writers

Thanks for your interest in the free grammar guide, "On Not Writing Badly."
It's designed to be a super-quick review of basic writing skills. 

Topics include:
Formatting Numbers
Commonly Misused Words
Basic Punctuation
Sentence Structure
And more...

Simply fill out the form below and instantly get a pretty, formatted version you can print out and pass around the office (or keep it to yourself and look super smart when someone asks where to put an apostrophe). I should note (in case this is your first time on the Internet) that this process will add you to my mailing list and you will get a weekly (Friday) email from me with lots of great writing tips. I will never SPAM you and you can unsubscribe at any time.

My sincere hope is that this guide helps writers to express their thoughts more effectively and tell their stories more clearly.
That's why it's free. 

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